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    News — Skiing

    It's our Birthday!


    Well, I can’t say this with enough pride, but it’s been 1 year since Mojo officially became a limited organization. With hard work, loads of creativity and a massive amount of support from those around us, we’ve managed to forge a brand that we’re truly proud to call our own!


    Starting out with our signature Onesie, we’ve powered ahead and now offer everything from caps to beanies, and sweatshirts to t-shirts… it’s just getting better and better. Don’t forget, summer is coming and our new summer collection will blow your socks off!

    Throughout our growth, there has been one man who has been there all the way through. Helping us get the Mojo name out there and being our biggest supporter at the same time. His same is Doug Sanderson and we’re grateful for every little bit you do for us! If you didn’t know, he’s out in Val d’Isere at the moment helping spread the Mojo word, and he’s doing one hell of a job!


    Over the next few months we will be visiting so many more universities and bringing out some fantastic new clothes to go with the seasons, so we’re hoping that you all give us as much support as you have been doing and let’s keep spreading that Mojo word!


    Although we can’t believe we’ve come this far in just a year, we at Mojo also believe we have so much more to give and this year we’re going to push to make sure we give you the amazing quality we’ve been giving you since our conception. With so many people now finding their Mojo, all that we can hope is that more and more people join the march to the ski slopes and the beaches with us! And to celebrate your support we're giving offering you our Original Onesie for just £60 this weekend... that's 50% our RRP!!!!!


    Have a look at our Onesie HERE, but whatever you do, don't miss out! - 


    Thank you so much to all of you!


    Until next time,

    Team Mojos Clothing

    Bring on 2015!

    Here at Mojo we have had a brilliant few weeks. One of our co-founders Joe, went out to Les Arcs for the week over Christmas with his family to spread the Mojo love. 

    Wearing onesies everyday, they were recognised from a mile off! With many heads turned, silly dancing and festive cheer, it really was a great week, despite the extreme lack of snow! Sods law, as the day Joe and his family left, the French Alps had a huge influx of snow and the roads couldn't cope with it all. With buses crashing, gyms opening up for people to sleep in for the night and cars left stranded, it was the worst thing leaving what was going to be an epic week in the mountain! 

    Meanwhile, out there, Joe headed over to Val d'Isere for an afternoon. Bringing with him the new Tie Dye Sweatshirts, ready for a photo shoot. With the new line in, we are excited to bring more colour back into Mojo with these sweatshirts. With only a limited number in stock and each one uniquely dyed, we have no doubt these crazy sweats will be on the mountains this season. 


    Tie Dye photo shoot credit: Doug Sanderson - Instagram: @dougiesandy

    Watch out this week for a one day only flash sale. On this day all our prices will dramatically drop for just 24 hours! It will be the whole of Januarys worth of 'after Christmas sales' in just one day. So DON'T MISS OUT! 

    Bring on 2015! 

    The Mojo Team


    Leeds Was Sick!

    Woah, how did this happen!? We’ve arrived in Leeds and it’s amazing! With a cute set up and a great atmosphere around campus and the town, Leeds really has lived up to the bill. It’s not just Mojo making the most out of Leeds, Pre-fit delivery are having an absolute blast as well.

    Let’s not forget we will be working alongside Pre-fit delivery throughout our tour round loads of UK universities. They’re a great bunch and I can guarantee you’ll love them all when they come around for you fittings later this year, and next year.


    With loads more fittings planned in for this year, you will be able to see us in plenty more cities around the UK, so please keep track of our blogs so you know exactly where and when to be here!

    What's your retro prediction?

    At Mojo, it’s pretty obvious that we have a severe addiction to skiing and snowboarding. There’s really nothing like it when you step onto that mountain, and are given the freedom of some of mother natures finest!

    But this isn’t the only thing we’re mad about… One of the main backbones of Mojos Clothing is quite obviously retro. We love it and that can’t be stressed enough. Not just retro ski wear, but anything retro. Whether it be a VHS video, vinyl disks, or more recently a Nokia 3310, anything remotely retro is fantastic in our eyes! 

    So for this reason we found a great article that was publishes just a couple of months before Mojos was conceived. No, the idea of bringing retro back wasn’t ours, but we are massive advocates so will therefore fight hard to make sure it makes its much awaited comeback!


    Have a click on the link below and check out some of the predictions of what retro items might be making a comeback in the next year or two!

    May there be many more retro memories to come!

    Over and out,


    Mojos Family

    Another uni down, we're buzzing for the next one!

    Credit to our director Joe, he left the other morning for an amazing day at Queen Mary’s university, whilst later realising that his car boot door stopped working and couldn’t get any Mojo gear from his car. After crawling through small spaces to fit everything out the drivers door, Mojo was finally set up for an amazing day! It just shows, all of us at Mojos are so excited to continue with our university tour, and will do anything to bring Mojo around the UK!

    What a day it was! And we can’t thank Queen Mary’s enough, all students who came to be fitted were amazing and once again the shop filled the campus with colour. We even had some old friends come and visit!


    Our new sweatshirts are out on our website now, so make sure that you get online and have a look and catch them whilst we’re out on our university tour.

    Next up, Loughborough university! Once again all of us at Mojos cannot wait to get onto another campus and spread the Mojo word. Make sure if you’re in Loughborough tomorrow, or Leeds the rest of the week, you come along and say hello.

    Until next time,

    Over and out,


    Team Mojo