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    News — Snow

    Great night with Urban Monkey..

    Last Thursday we teamed up with Urban Monkey and headed down to The Jam Tree in Chelsea. The beers were flowing, sun was shining and it was a tough scramble for the free hog roast. A huge group of friends came down to support us and we couldn't be more grateful. 

    Once things started winding down at the Jam Tree, people feeling tipsy, Embargo's was just moments away. Here are just a few photo and reminders from a great night. 

    Embargo's live sax player rocking the new Mojo tucker (available online this week)!

    Embargo's bar maid owning the new floral snapback! 

    New tee available online from yesterday! 

    Archie from Urban Monkey and Mojo's Co-founder Joe showing off their new tee's..


    Thanks again for an awesome night, keep your eyes pealed for the next one! 


    Much love,

    The Mojo Team


    It's our Birthday!


    Well, I can’t say this with enough pride, but it’s been 1 year since Mojo officially became a limited organization. With hard work, loads of creativity and a massive amount of support from those around us, we’ve managed to forge a brand that we’re truly proud to call our own!


    Starting out with our signature Onesie, we’ve powered ahead and now offer everything from caps to beanies, and sweatshirts to t-shirts… it’s just getting better and better. Don’t forget, summer is coming and our new summer collection will blow your socks off!

    Throughout our growth, there has been one man who has been there all the way through. Helping us get the Mojo name out there and being our biggest supporter at the same time. His same is Doug Sanderson and we’re grateful for every little bit you do for us! If you didn’t know, he’s out in Val d’Isere at the moment helping spread the Mojo word, and he’s doing one hell of a job!


    Over the next few months we will be visiting so many more universities and bringing out some fantastic new clothes to go with the seasons, so we’re hoping that you all give us as much support as you have been doing and let’s keep spreading that Mojo word!


    Although we can’t believe we’ve come this far in just a year, we at Mojo also believe we have so much more to give and this year we’re going to push to make sure we give you the amazing quality we’ve been giving you since our conception. With so many people now finding their Mojo, all that we can hope is that more and more people join the march to the ski slopes and the beaches with us! And to celebrate your support we're giving offering you our Original Onesie for just £60 this weekend... that's 50% our RRP!!!!!


    Have a look at our Onesie HERE, but whatever you do, don't miss out! - 


    Thank you so much to all of you!


    Until next time,

    Team Mojos Clothing

    Welcome Phil Nasralla to the Team

    We can now officially welcome Phil Nasralla to the Mojo family. He is a 16 year old snowboarder from Vail, Colorado. Phil competes in Slopestyle, Boarder-cross and Big Mountain events and is a hot shot in the Vail Snowsports Academy. We are very pleased to welcome him onboard as our first team rider. 


    Phil has been riding 6 years and is ready to take his snowboarding to the next level. He has gone from building backyard terrain parks to coming 2nd place in the Vail Vally Rally Rail Jam, in the Junior Mens league. There are only good things to come from this rider and we're stoked to have him onboard with us! 


    Phils upcoming comps in Vail:

    Slopestyle - 2/14/15, 2/28/15
    Big Mountain - TBD
    Boarder-cross - 2/1/15, 2/21/15 
    Banked Slalom - 1/30/15


    Check out Phil on Instagram and website to keep up to date with his movements. Expect big things from this guy! 


    Think you have what it takes to be part of the team? Get in touch today at




    Mojo Stock in Val d'Isere

    People of Val d'Isere. We now have stock on the snow with our bearded friend Dougie Sanderson. I'm sure you will know him, if you don't then make sure you do! 

    Dougie is a man of few words, but he sure knows how to live the Val d'Isere lifestyle. He has been out there for nearly 4 seasons on and off, trained to be an instructor, played lots of beer pong, taken some epic photos on his GoPro and been to Dicks more times than any other seasonaire (unless you work in Dicks itself!). 

    Dougie has now landed himself in the heart of Val d'Isere again working as the Media manager for Basecamp Ski and Snowboard. Any photo you need taking, he is your man. With his multiple cameras filming every angle you can image he will never miss a moment.   


    Our man in the mountain Dougie, has a limited selection of Mojo gear available, so get in there quick. If you want something different and unique then go on the hunt for this man. You'll probably find him in Dicks with his GoPro attached to his pint glass, or give him a call/email from his details below to get the latest update on stock.  

    If our bearded friend doesn't have the item you want, don't worry as more stock is on its way out! Select from our range of gear here

    Dougie's details:

    Mobile no: +447826288250     Email:

    Follow him on Instagram 



    Find your Mojo in Val d'Isere today! 

    Bring on 2015!

    Here at Mojo we have had a brilliant few weeks. One of our co-founders Joe, went out to Les Arcs for the week over Christmas with his family to spread the Mojo love. 

    Wearing onesies everyday, they were recognised from a mile off! With many heads turned, silly dancing and festive cheer, it really was a great week, despite the extreme lack of snow! Sods law, as the day Joe and his family left, the French Alps had a huge influx of snow and the roads couldn't cope with it all. With buses crashing, gyms opening up for people to sleep in for the night and cars left stranded, it was the worst thing leaving what was going to be an epic week in the mountain! 

    Meanwhile, out there, Joe headed over to Val d'Isere for an afternoon. Bringing with him the new Tie Dye Sweatshirts, ready for a photo shoot. With the new line in, we are excited to bring more colour back into Mojo with these sweatshirts. With only a limited number in stock and each one uniquely dyed, we have no doubt these crazy sweats will be on the mountains this season. 


    Tie Dye photo shoot credit: Doug Sanderson - Instagram: @dougiesandy

    Watch out this week for a one day only flash sale. On this day all our prices will dramatically drop for just 24 hours! It will be the whole of Januarys worth of 'after Christmas sales' in just one day. So DON'T MISS OUT! 

    Bring on 2015! 

    The Mojo Team