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    Mojo’s is an independent ski brand founded in Val d’Isere by Joe Milnthorpe in early 2014. With an intention of bringing vibrant colours and a retro feel back to the slopes, Mojo was created.

    Having ambassadors across Europe and Canada, we are trying to start a new wave of mountain apparel and catching the eyes of people in as many resorts as we can.



    Having worked with multiple universities, schools, army groups and many more over the past couple of years, we understand that what’s on the shelf isn’t always what you want. Therefore the extent of our bespoke range goes on as long as you can imagine. From thermal layers, to t-shirts and beanies to a full range of outerwear, we are positive we can create what you were looking for. With our team happy to help with any design work needed, all you need to do is get in touch and we’ll do the creative part.


    Join us in a new ski era.


    The Mojo team.