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    Born in 1994 in the northern parts of Sweden, Jesper was raised to love our nature and participated all kinds of winter activities from a young age. But skiing and being out there in the nature, doing what he loves is what he knows best.

    "Become one with my skiis, the snow, the shapes of our beautiful nature, mountains and to share all this with my best friends is more then I ever could ask for and now we're about to start filming for a movie we have decide to call ''Trippin' Out North'' and get pretty serious with what we do, sharing our shredding with snowboards, skiis with the rest of the world. So we have started A crew called Trippynorth including Rasmus (also a Mojo team rider), we're we all are working together coming up with creative ideas of how we wanna get new shots and so on."


    Hit him up on Instagram and keep up to date with the "Trippy North" movements!